Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Signing a post with a graphic signature

I will try to add a graphic signature to the end of this post. Tell me how you like it by leaving your comments.

Instruction on how to get this image signature is given at Nice image signature for you blog posts

Peter Chen's nice graphic signature

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Poll: Should Blogger give make Autosave an option?

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To help you vote, here is what I have been reporting to Blogger and pestering them to give us the option to turn Autosave on and off:

1. Doing long edit. Autosave publish unfinised edit which is visible on the web, Not desirable. I would much rather to have option of when to publish the edited post and when to let Blogger autosave for me. Using IE7, Firefox 2.0, Flock

2. Using Flock to prepare long post. Definitely took much more than 10 minutes. Autosave gave sense of complacency and didn't click SAVE NOW. I had IE7, Firefox 2.0, Flock browsers, many tabs, 2 Excel files, a few Notepad files opened. Forced to shut down. When I tried editing that post again, to my UTTER DISMAY, the great part of what I had prepared was not in the autosaved draft.

3. A blogger complained that he likes to edit his old posts, play around with its layout, etc, and if he doesn't like it, he just don't publish. But now because Blogger don't give him the option (my own words) to turn off Autosave, whatever he edited get autosaved and he has lost the original which may be actually what he wants.

4. (not sure about this because that seemed to be a rare occurance) I think Autosave save at intervals of every 10 minutes. After getting Autosaved, the SAVE button is grayed out and become not clickable. If while editing/preparing post, say, 5 minutes after that, he had to do something else if the button is still unclickable, he can't save and leave the post in peace while he go to do other things. It has actually happened to me, but I can't remember how long after the post got autosaved and I don't know how long before the SAVE button become clickable again. Further, as mentioned in 1, the half finished editing post may get published because of autosave. In circumstances like this. I would really like the option to turn off Autosave, the post remain in its unedited form on the web, then come back again to continue the editing.

5. Here is another blogger complaining about autosave:

"I'm even worse off. Autosave triggers several script errors when I
have the blogger editor open on my laptop (I think my laptop has some
usual configurations that screws up the autosave script), so I get
error messages every few seconds, and the times I've tried to recover
something from autosave, it hasn't worked anyway. I really want this
feature to die."

Really hope you vote because if I get enough response, I will try to submit result to Blogger.