Saturday, July 7, 2007

Blogger in Draft: Upload vidoe plus Poll

Sorry for the foreign accent in the video, but at least I beleive it is comprehensible. The video was uploaded via the Upload video icon Blogger in draft upload video icon in the post editor icon. Click on that icon, click BROWSE and locate the video in your computer. Add a title, tick the "I agree to the Upload Terms and Conditions" box and click UPLOAD VIDEO.

To get this new feature, you will have to go to and sign in. The short video took longer to upload than I expected. However, I do not know exactly how long because I do multitasking and uses browsers with tabbed browsing like FireFox and went to another tab to do other things.

Blogger in draft Poll Page ElementOther than this new Upload Video direct from Blogger, you can also add a poll by getting into your LAYOUT, click Add a Page Element, chose "Poll", click "Add to blog" and type in your question and the choices. You can elect to allow only single or multiple choices. I have tested it and you can see the poll at the bottom of in the second left sidebar.