Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Effect of posting a wide photo on this blog using Stavanger Denim modified template

Objective of this post:

1. Demonstrate how posting a large photo, scrollbox, table, etc. in a blog using Stavanger modified Denim 3 column templatea will not cause the sidebar or main column to slide down to the bottom of the page, or have the photo obscured by the sidebar, etc.

2. Promote Malaysia. The photo above have been made an active hyperlink. Click on it and see where it takes you. The photo is copyright of Tourism Malaysia and is free to use to help promote Malaysia. 2007 is Visit Malaysia Year and also its 50th anniversary of its independence as a colony from Great Britain. Many programs are being and have been planned for the enjoyment of visitors. 2007 will be the best year to visit Malaysia.

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kunal bhatia said...

is it true that to actually post larger pix, one has to source them out from an external url, and not use bloggers default uploading options? (because, even if the largest size is selected, and the main wrapper is big enough to hold a larger size pic, the pic size remains restricted to what the blogger uploader defines as larger, even if there is a lot more width in the main wrapper?)