Saturday, November 22, 2008

Translator for blog

It is good to add a translator to your blog as it will make it easier and more pleasant for your blog readers who is not proficient in English like in the top of the right sidebar of Blogger Tips and Tricks. It is very easy to do. Just click on the scroll box containing the codes below, press ctrl+A to highlight all the codes, press ctrl+C to copy the codes into clipboard, open a HTML/Javascript gadget and paste the codes into the HTML/Javascript gadget

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Anonymous said...


I have some problem.
I want to put some HTML codes as a part of my blog,i mean to say as you have inserted in this post.

How can i put such codes in my blog.

I have tried with table,form,text area but when i click to the post button they are showing me an error message.
'We can Not allow HTML,Script tag in your post'

Please reply me soon.

Thanks in Advance

Anonymous said...

hello i want to insert some html tags in my post as u have done here.

i tried div,table,text area but all are displaying an error message while i press post button.

Blogger displaying a msg like 'html,div' codes are not alloowed.

Please reply me soon

Peter said...

Your description of your problem is not clear but I am guessing that it may have to do with displaying special characters.

Floralovely said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have been trying to add Google Translate to my page for months and I've been doing it all wrong - so frustrating! Your blog is very helpful! Thank you :)