Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Find PageRank of a site

I have a post How to easily get the Google PageRank of your blog, any pages of your blog or any other site. This involves installing the very useful Google toolbar. You can find some information on why I like the Google toolbar in these posts:

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What is FireFox and why you should be using it (the part about Google toolbar is at the bottom of the post)

However, a reader of my blog commented he prefer not to install any toolbar to find the PageRank of a site. Is so, there are many ways you can get the PageRank of a site or any particular page of a site. As I believe the PageRank of a website can be increased by the number of backlinks (inbound links) from other sites to the site, but can be decreased by the number of outgoing links, I shall just give the URL below:



(you can simultaneously get the PageRanks of multiple sites at the above PageRank finder)

(this one is supposed to give you the Google PageRank as well as the Yahoo PageRank, but when tested, don't seem to work. For example, checking on my main blog


resulted in "blogger-tricks.blogspot.com has a Google PageRank of /10" and nothing else)

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