Friday, September 14, 2007

Increase link popularity and PageRank for old classic template by removing NOFOLLOW attribute for comments

I have previously posted about Increase link popularity and PageRank by deleting NOFOLLOW attribute for comments for New Blogger. One of my reader asked how about removing the NOFOLLOW attribute for old classic Blogger templates.

For old classic template, sign into (Dashboard). Click "Template" in the section for the relevant blog (circled in red below):

Dashboard with blog using old classic Blogger template

This will open the template editor. You will have to look for this block of codes in the template:

<a name="links"></a><h4>Links to this post:</h4>
<dl id="comments-block">
<dt class="comment-title">
<a href="<$BlogBacklinkURL$>" rel="nofollow"><$BlogBacklinkTitle$></a> <$BlogBacklinkDeleteIcon$>
<dd class="comment-body"><$BlogBacklinkSnippet$>
<br />
<span class="comment-poster">
<em>posted by <$BlogBacklinkAuthor$> @ <$BlogBacklinkDateTime$></em>
<p class="comment-timestamp"><$BlogItemBacklinkCreate$></p>

If you are using FireFox or Internet Explorer, press ctrl+F and type "nofollow" into the "Find" box and you will easily find it:

Find function in Firefox to locate NOFOLLOW in template

I have tried this with Flock browser and it didn't work. So this convenient "Find" function may not work with all browsers. If you have problem with that, what you can do is click inside the template editor window and press ctrl+A (or right click on the mouse and chose "Select all") to highlight the whole template. Press ctrl+C (or right-click and select "Copy") to copy the whole template into clipboard. Open a Notepad file, click EDIT > PASTE in the menu bar at the top of Notepad (or right-click and select "Paste") to paste the template into Notepad. Click EDIT > SELECT ALL in the menu bar (or right-click and chose "Select all") to highlight the whole template in Notepad, click EDIT > FIND, then type "nofollow" into the "Find what" box and click "Find next":

Notepad: find next

The "nofollow" in the template will be located and highlighted. Delete rel="nofollow" from the template. Press ctrl+A (or right-click and chose "Select all") to highlight the whole template in Notepad. Press ctrl+C (or right-click and chose "copy") to copy the edited template. Go back to the Blogger template editor. The whole unedited template in the template editor should still be highlighted. Click the DELETE key and the template editor window will become empty. Paste the edited template into the template editor window, preview, and if everything seems fine, click "Save template".

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